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Published: Thu, 14 Dec T.S Eliot Tradition and Individual Talent and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Tradition and individual talent. Eliot’s essays actually map a highly personal set of preoccupations, responses and ideas about specific authors and works of art, as well as formulate more general theories on the connections between poetry, culture and society.

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T.S Eliot Tradition and Individual Talent and The Love Song of J.

Tradition and the Individual Talent Summary

Alfred Prufrock Tradition and individual talent Eliot’s essays actua. "Tradition and the Individual Talent" () is an essay written by poet and literary critic T.

S. Eliot. The essay was first published in The Egoist () and later in Eliot's first book of criticism, "The Sacred Wood" (). “Tradition and the Individual Talent,” one of Eliot’s early essays, typifies his critical stance and concerns; it has been called his most influential single essay.

Divided into three parts. Eliot attempts to do two things in this essay: he first redefines “tradition” by emphasizing the importance of history to writing and understanding poetry, and he then argues that poetry should be essentially “impersonal,” that is separate and distinct from the personality of its writer.

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