How to write a shark attack story

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SHARK ATTACK!!!! This story is ACTUALLY scary............and TRUE!!!!!

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In case a shark attacks, here's how you can fight back

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Short Story

I love this story! I like the way you set it a sort of memory-mode, and then as a reader you could almost feel like the main character. Great writer-reader connection, speaking of which.

Jun 13,  · If you cannot get out of the water right away, try to reduce the shark's possible angles of attack. If you are in shallow enough water, keep your feet on the ground. Slowly back up against a reef, piling, or rock outcropping or any solid obstruction so that the shark cannot circle around behind you%().

Shark Attack! Jaxon Bennett, Grade 6, Ceduna Area School Short Story One gloomy day a boy named Lucas went for a walk down the beach with his canoe. He went swimming but it was too cold so he left the canoe for a.

Survival Stories A Shark Attack Left Her for Dead, But This Brave Woman Fought to Get Her Life Back.

Nicole Moore Jan Peter Jennings Jan The boat was swaying gently. Quietly the captain pulled a lever and signaled to everyone that it was ok to go swimming. I ignored what he waas saying about shark protection.

I waas a 23 year old woman, married, and with one kid.

Top 10 Shark Attack Stories

Sharks wouldn't attack me! I dived. June 2nd, A/N This is a true story about a woman who decided to swim off a boat in the middle of an ocean with a bleeding cut on her leg she didn't notice.

Shark Attack How to write a shark attack story
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