Comparative study of the marketing strategies

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A Comparative Study on Marketing Strategy of Naya Patrika and Annapurna Post

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Marketing urban mass transit : a comparative study of management strategies

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Marketing Strategy - Meaning and Its Importance

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Promotional Strategies Thesis Pdf

ii CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY This is to certify that the project titled “THE ROLE OF MARKETING STRATEGIES IN THE PERFORMANCE OF TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANIES: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF TNM AND. Comparative study on the marketing strategies of Pepsi and Coca-Cola on the youth. A Research Project under Research Methodology INTRODUCTION This report includes a comparative analysis of the marketing strategies of the two rivals Coca-Cola and Pepsi.1/5(1).

This report also contains the basic marketing strategies that are used by the Airtime Company of manufacturing process, technology, production policy, advertising, collaboration, export scenario, future prospect and government policies.

The objective is to analyze and understand the similarities and differences of the international marketing mix strategy implementation by the company. Using comparative analysis, this study focused on 4P approach of marketing mix which is based on product, price, promotion and place analysis.

comparative study of the business strategy and competitive strategy of both McDonald's and KFC, there comes a lot of experience that could be learned and applied by Chinese fast food.

Comparative study of the marketing strategies
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